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401(k) Audit Resources:

  • Guide to 401(k) Audits - Am I required to have a 401(k) audit? How much does a 401(k) audit cost? How can I best prepare for a 401(k) audit? Learn more in this free guide.


401(k) Audit Articles

  • What is a 401(k) Plan Census? - In the first part of any Plan year, your record-keeper will routinely ask you to prepare or review something called a Plan Census.  A plan census is a document that contains pertinent...Read more
  • Limited Scope Asset Certification - What should you do when your retirement plan auditor asks, “Can your plan audit be conducted using the ERISA limited scope provision?”  First, verify who the asset holder/custodian/trustee is...Read more
  • What is a Limited Scope Audit? - One of the first questions you will be asked when you need an audit of your 401(k) Plan is:  “Can I have the audit completed as a limited scope audit?” ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income...Read more
  • Streamline Your 401(k) Audit - Business owners that offer retirement plans to their employees already have a lot on their plate doing the day-to-day operations. Hiring an inexperienced auditor will only take up more of that...Read more

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