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Looking for a finance expert to interview on your podcast or speak at your upcoming event?

Our team can be available by web conference or travel to your event.

We often speak to owners of digital agencies on topics such as financial and non-financial metrics, forecasting, cash flow management, and strategic planning.

We also speak at national conferences and state CPA societies on topics such as the CFO of the future, how to successfully provide Virtual CFO services, how to run a distributed firm, etc.

Jody Grunden & Adam Hale speaking




Speakers Bios

About Jody Grunden

Jody Grunden HeadshotJody Grunden is the Co-Founder and CEO of Summit CPA Group, the leading provider of Virtual CFO Services for creative agencies as well as one of the largest Virtual CFO firms in North America. Summit’s team of CPAs and accountants provide professional Virtual CFO Services and 401(k) Audits for companies all over the United States .

Jody co-founded Summit CPA in 2002 and transitioned the company to a distributed accounting firm in 2013. Since 2002, Summit CPA has grown from a team of 2 people to approximately 40. The company has grown extremely fast, experiencing 3-year 150% growth consecutively over the past 3 years and being recognized by Inc. 5000. 

Jody is passionate about changing the way people think about accounting. Author of Digital Dollars and Cents, he literally wrote the book on helping digital companies create a financial roadmap to success.




About Adam Hale

Adam Hale HeadshotAdam Hale is the Co-Founder and COO of Summit CPA Group, the leading provider of Virtual CFO Services for creative agencies as well as one of the largest Virtual CFO firms in North America. He primarily focuses his attention on coaching his team and other accounting firms on delivering successful Virtual CFO Services. 

Over the course of his career, Adam has crafted hundreds of financial forecasts for small- to medium-sized businesses, helping them become profit-aware and clarify direction. Adam’s client experiences include cash flow management, key performance indicator (KPI) creation, and formulating profit sharing plans. Beyond the forecasting and operational improvements, Adam is well versed in high-end tax planning strategies and regularly assists his clients on both sides of M&A deals as well as succession planning. Adam leverages his vast experience working with clients across different industries and platforms to provide best practices and strategy for his team and other Virtual CFOs.




About Jamie Nau

Jamie Nau Headshot

As the Director of Accounting at Summit CPA Group, Jamie Nau oversees the Virtual CFO team.

Prior to joining Summit, Jamie spent his time working with middle market and large companies, both as an auditor and as a corporate accountant. During that time, he gained a firsthand view of how important the financial numbers are to the decision makers of these companies.

Since joining Summit, he has been dedicated to making sure clients have similar information and tools to enable them to make the best decisions for their businesses. Jamie especially enjoys the challenge of making difficult financial concepts easy for everyone to understand!







Some of the topics we can cover include:

Running a Distributed Accounting Firm

The 4 Most Important Financial Metrics for Growing Your Business
Becoming a Virtual CFO Service Provider
Using Industry Metrics to Help Grow Your Business
The Hidden Costs of Running a Distributed Company



Sample Presentation Summary

Financial Metrics: Get a Grip, Grow Your Business & Improve Profitability

We’ll teach you the importance of diving deep into the financial side of your business.

  • How much cash should you have in the bank?  Determine how much money your company should always have in the bank.
  • What is forecasting and why do you need to do it?  What are the key metrics driving that forecast? Learn why you should use a forecast as a guide for every business decision you make -- i.e. expansion, acquisition, buyout, retirement.
  • What if you could pull a lever to improve your company’s performance? You can! Discovering how to use those metrics as levers to lead your company to higher profitability.
  • How do you determine and measure your pipeline? Your pipeline metric (what you currently have under contract and what you have “in the works”) should not be forgotten as it can have a drastic impact on your revenue on forecasting.

In addition, you’ll learn how and where to compare your metrics with those of others in the industry. Discover where you fall short and where your company has the most room for improvement.



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