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About Summit CPA Group

Our Mission:

Changing the way people think about accounting.


Jody Grunden

Summit CPA was founded in February of 2002 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We provide Virtual CFO Services, including cash flow management, business tax planning and financial forecasting. We also perform 401(k) Audits and recently launched a CPA Firm Augmentation program, providing other CPA Firms with accounting outsourcing services and Virtual CFO Consulting from our experienced staff.

We are a distributed company with a non-traditional approach to accounting. Here's why we're different:

  • We offer flat-fee pricing. This approach is no different than buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  At Starbucks, you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost before you make the purchase.  Could you imagine going to Starbucks and paying for the cup of coffee based on how long it took the server to pour the cup of coffee?  A traditional accounting firm does just that.  They prepare the bill based on how long it takes the accountant to perform the task. We don't think that makes sense!
  • You pay a weekly fee for the services that you want and need.  The fee does not change from month to month based on the number of phone calls or conversations that you have with one of our CPAs.
  • We also offer bundled services.  Why pay separately for your tax return, tax projections, financial statements, weekly CFO, monthly Controllership services, and wealth management services?  At Summit CPA, we determine the services that will be performed throughout the year, put them into an engagement letter so that there are no misunderstandings, and finally calculate one fee for those services – a bundled approach.
  • We teach you profit-focused accounting.  Profit, as defined by our clients, is not simply, “being in the black.”  Our clients view profit as having more and more cash in the bank and less and less debt owed to the bank.  We help our clients maximize profits, minimize taxes, increase cash flow, and build business and personal wealth.

Oh, and another thing. We utilize technology to its fullest. 

Adam Hale

Many CPA firms are stuck in the past, utilizing old technology and services that really don’t help the customer grow their business.  Their focus is primarily on historical financial statements and tax returns.   At Summit CPA, we utilize the latest technology to ensure that the client’s experience is always first-rate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to log into your QuickBooks file, anytime and anywhere?  You can at Summit CPA.  That is just one of the many ways Summit CPA uses technology to deliver a first-class service.

Because of the way we utilize technology, our entire 401K Audits are performed without ever stepping foot at our client's location.  This was nearly impossible five years ago.  Why do most CPA firms have to spend countless hours interrupting the day-to-day activity of their clients?  The answer is simple, they don’t.  They're just stuck in the past.  With the use of Web Portals, E-mails, and GotoMeetings, we can perform the audits anywhere.

Over 80% of our clients are not even located in Indiana.

Our consultants can perform all of the back office functions of an accounting department as well as the high-end functions of a CFO, miles away from the client’s place of business – why not?  This affords us the possibility of working with companies all across the United States.  We have clients as far east as Rhode Island, as far south as Texas, and as far west as California.


By taking a non-traditional approach to accounting, Summit CPA has undergone extreme growth since our humble beginnings.  While traditional accounting firms have seen level or declining growth over the past 5 years, we have seen annual growths in excess of 15 percent in each of those years.

Do clients like the non-traditional approach?  We think they do.

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Our Virtual CFO Clients include companies like: