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Were Hiring - Remote Jobs Page


6 reasons to join our team:

  1. We love remote work! We are a distributed company.
  2. We appreciate diversity. Learn more about why diversity is important to our team here.
  3. We are financial consultants. Our team members collaborate with our clients to deeply understand their needs, so knowledge of accounting principles is a must.
  4. We are not a “salesy” organization. Our team members naturally exude confidence, are friendly, articulate, and above all, genuine.
  5. We are collaborative. Our positions are salaried, not commission-based. Our team members must work and communicate well with clients as well as internal team members throughout the lifecycle of a project.
  6. We believe there’s always room for growth. We love promoting employees from within. Our team has many facets and opportunities to grow both laterally and vertically.

Note: All positions require (at minimum) a Bachelor's degree.

Our Core Values

A company’s core values are very important. Core values are the cornerstone of a company’s culture. These values define a company -- they are meaningful. Summit CPA Group’s Core Values are:

  1. Curiosity: We are eager to understand the “why.”
  2. Humor: We like to laugh.
  3. Collaboration: We work together to develop our people and best serve our clients.
  4. Adaptability: We embrace and aggressively pursue change.
  5. Empowerment: We trust our people to do their jobs independently and constantly seek to improve.
  6. Candor: We speak the truth to make our team and clients better.

Team Member Benefits

  • Work from home in a highly productive distributed organization
  • Flexible schedule, set your own hours
  • Technology stipend
  • Education stipend
  • Health insurance, 401(k) match, disability insurance, incentive program, HSA
  • We’ll cover any certification or state and national licenses / dues
  • Reimbursement for CPA review course and up to 4 exam sittings

Want to join our remote team? 
Our open positions are listed to the right. Apply today! 



FlexJobs listed us alongside other remote companies like Basecamp, Buffer, GitHub, and Zapier as companies who are "embracing the idea that company culture, effectiveness, and productivity can not only survive, but thrive outside a traditional office environment."



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