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How to Land $60K/year Clients and Provide a Killer Client Experience


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About this course

The Virtual CFO Playbook: How to Land $60K/year Clients and Provide a Killer Client Experience course is dedicated to teaching CPA firm owners how to build and scale Virtual CFO services drawing from the experiences, insights, and expertise of the team at Summit CPA.

Presented in a series of modules, the Virtual CFO Playbook details how to offer Virtual CFO services, explores the different approaches to client work, and how to develop and maintain positive relationships with clients. These approaches have helped Summit CPA grow from $500,000 to upwards of $5 million in revenue over the past decade.

The Virtual CFO Playbook: How to Land $60K/year Clients and Provide a Killer Client Experience will not only detail the different Virtual CFO services you can offer clients, but also how to deliver them.

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What Course Graduates Think

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★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
"I will tell you, the course is pretty intense. A lot more material than I expected, you guys have done a really good job of putting something pretty detailed together." "I feel like we're colleagues, so you know it's like a real firm and we work together. And they help us a lot, besides actually taking the course that has helped us a lot in setting the framework." "I chose 5 stars because there was not a choice for (a) 10-star (rating)! I am doing this after office hours. The biggest problem I have is turning off my brain to go to sleep! :-)."

Michael Meilinger

Owner, Meilinger Consulting, P.C.

Jacob Oberlander

Owner and Principal, Oberlander & Co.

Nancy Nale

Managing Partner, Smith, Nale & Co.


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The Virtual CFO Playbook Instructors

Summit CPA Group Leaders








Jody Grunden, CPA Adam Hale, CPA Tom Wadelton, CPA
Jody Grunden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Summit CPA Group. From Summit CPA's inception in 2002, Jody transitioned the company to a distributed accounting firm in 2013. Since 2002, Summit CPA Group has grown from a team of 2 people to approximately 50. The company has grown extremely fast, experiencing 3-year 150% growth consecutively over the past 3 years and being recognized by Inc. 5000.  Adam Hale is the Co-Founder and COO of Summit CPA Group. He primarily focuses his attention on coaching his team and other accounting firms on delivering successful Virtual CFO Services. Over the course of his career, Adam has crafted hundreds of financial forecasts for small- to medium-sized businesses, helping them become profit-aware and clarify direction. Tom Wadelton is a Virtual CFO at Summit CPA Group. As a Virtual CFO Tom participates and collaborates with leadership on all financial aspects of the business. He primarily identifies and regularly reviews the key drivers of his clients' business to gain a better understanding of the company and to offer insights on improvements. Tom currently sits on the board of the Indiana CPA Society as the Chair-Elect.



The Virtual CFO Playbook Course Modules

What you will learn to support your Virtual CFO service offering




Intro to Profit-Focused Accounting

  • What profit-focused accounting means
  • Why profit-focused accounting is valuable for clients
  • How to approach weekly and/or monthly client meetings

Virtual CFO Service Offerings

  • How to create service packages with core services
  • How to plan and execute effective meetings with clients to deliver your services
  • Tools to use when providing your services

Cash Flow

  • How to deliver cash flow meetings
  • How to help business owners manage their cash flow
  • How long-term cash planning can influence a client’s business decisions

Productions Metrics & Forecasting

  • Forecasting value-add for you and your clients
  • How to create a dynamic forecast
  • Recommended forecasting tools

Financial Statements & Metrics

  • How to focus on consulting versus reporting
  • Leveraging key financial statements and metrics
  • Scheduling and frequency tactics for financial statements
  • How to prepare for a financial statement meeting
  • Determining the cadence of a financial statement meeting

Month-End Closing

  • The “garbage in, garbage out” goal
  • Why you need a documented process
  • Who takes charge of the month-end close
  • What statements and metrics to focus on
  • When to begin the month-end close process
  • Where to organize your data and procedures

Pipeline & Biz Dev Meeting

  • Why you should review a client’s pipeline with them
  • Pipeline and business development (biz dev) meeting cadence
  • How to structure a pipeline meeting

Bill What You're Worth

  • Five ways to bill your clients
  • The six-step sales and conversion process
  • Recommended tech tools for sales, pricing, and billing

Marketing Your VCFO Firm

  • The importance of finding your niche
  • How to define your niche
  • Why you need to search for clients outside your local market
  • Four important marketing areas
  • How to get started when it comes to marketing

Onboarding New Clients

  • Why you should create an onboarding process for new clients
  • How to allocate onboarding roles
  • How to plan and execute a successful client kickoff meeting
  • How to establish and manage expectations both internally and externally


  • Why you should have a formal hiring process
  • Strategies for hiring top performers
  • Best practices for the interview process
  • How to successfully onboard new employees
  • Effective employee retention strategies

Core Values

  • The importance of core values for a firm offering Virtual CFO services
  • Choosing the right core values
  • How to embody core values in a virtual working environment


  • Why your Virtual CFO firm needs standardized processes
  • When to start creating processes
  • Our 80/20 rule for processes
  • Tools for process documentation and delivery
  • Tips for developing client-focused processes

Working Remotely

  • The three pillars of effective distributed teams
  • Human resources policy concerns and considerations
  • Establishing a meeting structure and cadence
  • The value of in-person retreats
  • Cloud-based tools for remote communication and security

Getting Things Done

  • Why the GTD method matters for CPAs
  • An Introduction to the GTD flowchart
  • Making lists in the GTD framework
  • Useful tools for applying the GTD method




The Virtual CFO Playbook Inclusions




Are you ready to learn how to build and scale Virtual CFO services at your firm? 

Course cost: $4,995*


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*Payment plan options available.

*You will also have the option to add on group or individual mentorship.
These details will be available to you when you begin the course.

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