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Designed to help you meet your continuing professional education requirements

Summit Virtual CFO by Anders (Summit) hosts CPE webinars for CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) designed to help professionals in the accounting industry meet their continuing education requirements. We bring together seasoned financial professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts to not only reach your CPE requirements with NASBA but also improve your professional career. We cover a broad range of topics from building an omnichannel marketing strategy and drafting a marketing budget that works for you to optimizing your pricing and delivery strategies to improve client experience. Join us as we dive into cutting-edge discussions, explore innovative discoveries within the industry, and foster a community that propels us all to become better accounting professionals.

It’s our goal to change the way people think about accounting, and these live webinars are just one way we do just that.




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Thursday, March 7th, 2024 I 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT


Video is one of the most compelling content mediums firms can use to build a marketing strategy. However, many firms aren’t sure how to create a video marketing strategy & what forms of video are the most engaging for their audience. If this sounds like your firm, don't miss this webinar. Vernon Foster II, Founder of Arsenal, shares his system for elevating firms through interviews & short-form video.

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CPE - Monthly Webinar  Template (2)-1Thursday, April 4th, 2024 I 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT


We get told often by accounting firm owners that creating content is overwhelming. If this sounds like you, this webinar is for you. Join Kelly Schuknecht, Marketing Director at Summit Virtual CFO by Anders, as she unveils how AI tools can streamline content creation. You’ll learn how to create impactful content efficiently using AI and ways to maximize your efforts across channels.

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Online CPE Courses

We offer past webcasts as courses through the two platforms listed below. Through these platforms, you can receive CPE credits meeting the specific requirements set out by the state boards of accountancy. Be sure to add these educational courses to your continuing professional education plan.




We offer on-demand CPE courses and accreditation through our partners at Encoursa. CPE credits will be accessible through your dashboard immediately after passing the qualified assessment.

On-Demand CPE


Earmark CPE


Through our partnership with Earmark CPE, you can view our past webinars as new courses and receive CPE credit by completing poll questions within the Earmark CPE app. If self-study courses are more your pace versus live events and seminars, we'd suggest that you check out Earmark. You can easily listen to webinars on the go. You can even complete your CPE requirements virtually anywhere you can bring your phone.


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You have unlimited access to our past webinars through our YouTube channel. While we can’t offer CPE credit through YouTube, you can get caught up on your professional development goals by watching our past webinars.



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"I'm a 48-year experienced CPA and I have never done any consulting of this nature. Very impressed by the presentation and presenters and how you have developed a "structured approach" to this service which tailor fits the new virtual, no/little travel service model for this emerging niche industry."
- Webinar Attendee

VCFO Playbook Course


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A course is dedicated to teaching CPA firm owners how to build and scale Virtual CFO services drawing from the experiences, insights, and expertise of the team at Summit CPA.

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