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5 Necessities for Your Home Office

Published by Sam Lankford on 27 Nov 2019

The ability to design your workspace is an upside to remote work that should not be overlooked. And as more companies realize the benefits and the potential of the remote worker, the more opportunity you have in creating a workspace that vibes and fits your style.

Black Friday features some of the biggest deals of the year on tech, home goods, clothing, and more. It offers a great opportunity to finally score items that have been on your wish list. To help you navigate through the maze of deals that will be thrown your way, we asked the 40 or so employees at Summit CPA about what’s the one item they’ve purchased recently that they could not live without.

Here are 5 Necessities for Your Remote Office that are worth looking into this holiday season:

  1. Diane Church, EA, a Virtual Accountant has been with Summit CPA for 9 years: “I just purchased a large monitor on Cyber Monday. Now I have two regular size and one large monitor. I’m looking forward to being able to see hard-to-read client tax documents on the large monitor this tax season!” 

    Diane's choice: LG Monitor, from amazon

  2. Patrick Smith, CPA, IT Specialist/Accountant, has worked remotely for Summit CPA from his home office in Georgia for 3 years: “I upgraded my Internet connection to be able to handle the increased activity. I also purchased a large desk that can accommodate three monitors and a comfortable office chair.”

    Patrick's choice: Executive desk, from Sauder

  3. Sam Lankford, Inbound Marketing Specialist, has been with Summit CPA for 3 months: “A big dry erase board wall calendar. I use my Outlook calendar, but it's nice to have something I can scribble on and use to keep track of important things that get lost in my sea of scheduled meetings.”

    Sam's choice: Ubrands® Dry Erase Calendar, from Target

  4. Lisa Cecen, Senior 401k Auditor, has worked remotely for Summit CPA from her home office in Georgia for over 3 years: “I recently bought a rechargeable mouse, and it has saved my life in having to steal batteries from remote controls or use the trackpad when they run out. Also essential for working remotely —a nice coffee maker!”

    Lisa's choice: Rechargeable Wireless Mouse, from amazon

  5. Kelly Schuknecht, Marketing Manager, has worked remotely in Colorado for 12 years and has been with Summit CPA for a year now: “The best thing I ever purchased was a treadmill desk. I started walking while working 8 years ago and I walk about 10 miles during my workdays. It helps me focus and be more productive.” 

    Kelly's choice: LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

While comfort is essential in any office environment, a properly outfitted workspace helps any remote worker maintain focus and equipped in getting their job done. Occasionally spending the extra time and money on perfecting your space can make a big difference when it comes to your productivity and creativity as well. Whether you invest in productivity-boosting tools, or completely revamp the look of your den, sometimes a handful of small enhancements can elevate your remote office environment and, most importantly, your happiness.

Happy shopping!

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