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Location: Twin Lakes, Colorado
Favorite Beverage: La Croix
First Live Concert: New Kids on the Block

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Kelly Schuknecht is a marketing strategist skilled at bringing together experienced professionals to create powerful teams.
Prior to her role as Director of Marketing at Summit Virtual CFO by Anders, Kelly spent ten years in the publishing industry with a focus on corporate marketing. She managed the leadership team and lead the marketing efforts of the company.

Her experience in the publishing industry helped her hit the ground running at Summit, where she developed and implemented a content marketing strategy that contributed to the company's massive growth (from $4M to $9M) over a 3-year period.

Kelly writes, speaks, and coaches accounting firm owners on how to market their firms to success.


Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She's also certified in Hubspot Inbound, Hubspot Marketing Software, and Moz SEO Essentials.

Personal Profile

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Kelly now lives in the mountains of Colorado and enjoys everything Colorado offers: mountains, views, skiing, hiking, you name it!

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