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Location: Twin Lakes, Colorado
Favorite Beverage: La Croix
First Live Concert: New Kids on the Block

Professional Experience

Virtual Bookkeeper

Prior to joining Summit CPA as the first Marketing Manager, Kelly spent ten years in the publishing industry. She developed and managed a team of writers,


Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish) because why wouldn't you need to speak Spanish in order to become a marketing specialist? Fortunately, her career path was determined more by her skills and experience rather than her education! Kelly has a passion for marketing and is Hubspot Inbound Marketing certified.

Personal Profile

Kelly lives in the mountains of Colorado and enjoys everything Colorado offers -- the mountains, the views, skiing, hiking, you name it! Having worked from home since 2007, Kelly is a remote work advocate. She fully believes that working from home in an autonomous, flexible environment is what enabled her career to catapult into something better than she ever would have even imagined!

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