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Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Favorite Beverage: Cold coffee, cold coco and Mountain Dew
First Live Concert: Atif Aslam & Arjit Singh
Least Favorite Chore: Washing my bike

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Shaishav started his career in tax based bookkeeping. He started his career in preparing small business returns in a small firm and slowly, gradually started preparing returns for bigger firms.


Shaishav completed his Bachelors Degree from Gujarat University with a core subject in accounting. He is pursuing his master degree in Accounting.

Personal Profile

Shaishav loves to cook and is very much a “foodie”. He loves to discover new places, and has a dream to open his own small cafe. On weekends he liked to spend his time with his beloved family, and watching movies.

Connect with Shaishav