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Location: Joplin, Missouri
Favorite Beverage: Heinekin
First Live Concert: "Rocklahoma"
Least Favorite Chore: Folding laundry

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Throughout his career, Max has held supervisory or consultancy roles within the business services and banking industries. He has worked in private-sector firms that range in size from less than 1000 employees to over 70,000 employees, with a wide range of tools and skills acquired from both settings. While working in banking, Max was a key player on a cross-functional team that administered the first-of-their-kind SBA Paycheck Protection Loan program for a national financial institution, working with partners across the United States to ensure as many small businesses could benefit from the well as possible. His skills include data analysis, project management, organizational leadership and process ownership. In addition to these experiences, Max is a sitting trustee for a public pension fund for city employees in his hometown, and an active member of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, where he sits on the board of our "Chamber Gives Back" fundraising campaign.


After completing high school, Max immediately began studying for his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (emphasis: accounting) at a local college. Through his professional experience that ran concurrent with his degree program, Max felt that he was in the right place to add to his studies a dual major, and is completing the final semesters of his Bachelor of Computer Science program as of now, where he has an emphasis in software engineering. Max has been academically involved in many research projects that include artificial intelligence and "big data" analytics and will continue his studies into a graduate degree program soon.

Personal Profile

Max enjoys being active outdoors in his free time and often enjoys the many hiking and biking trails in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. He enjoys raising German Shepherd dogs and currently is working on training his two German Shepherds ("Romeo" and "June") for a variety of purposes with his wife. Max is a talented pianist and has played weddings and gatherings in his free time. Soon, he plans to complete his second half-marathon and plans to work towards full marathons in the future.

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