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Location: Ahmedabad, India
Favorite Beverage: Coffee
Least Favorite Chore: Packing Bags for Trip

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Margi worked as an accountant and bookkeeper for a CPA firm which had its back office operations in India for three years. She managed everything from reconciling banks, credit card, loan reconciliation, prepared payroll, to paying bills and invoice entries and monthly and annual bookkeeping on QuickBooks online & offline and scrutiny of ledger accounts. 


Margi graduated in 2015 from Gujarat University in India with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and also completed her Masters in Commerce in Accounting and Auditing in 2017 from Gujarat University. She plans to pursue her CPA.

Personal Profile

Margi lives in India with her parents and loves traveling and exploring new places and loves camping and adventures. She is trained in Indian Classical Dance and Martial Arts and loves to practice Dance in her leisure time.

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