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Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Favorite Beverage: Guinness, Jameson's
First Live Concert: Sammy Hagar & Krokus
Least Favorite Chore: Cleaning the bathroom

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Dusty has 20 years of intermodal transportation experience with small, medium and large companies as an analyst and CFO. He has also enjoyed nearly 7-years in the manufacturing industry. Numbers tell a story and the only way that story can be told is with accurate data and being able to tell the story without watching the eyes in the room begin to close. Dusty enjoys diving into the numbers, understanding the business drivers and finding ways to facilitate continuous improvement.


Dusty has his Bachelor's in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration both from the University of Saint Francis.

Personal Profile

Dusty lives in Fort Wayne, IN with his wonderful wife Karen ("married for 26 years - I don't know how she has done it"), that he met at work. They have one son Zach who just graduated from Arizona State and now lives in Austin, TX. Because having an empty nest is too quiet, they have 2 dogs Bella and Lyla and 2 cats Izzie and Crosby. And yes, Crosby is named after one of Dusty's favorite hockey players, Sidney Crosby.

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