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Location: Angola, Indiana
Favorite Beverage: American Light Lager
First Live Concert: A whole bunch one summer (Pearl Jam, White Stripes, CCR, OAR, Aerosmith...)
Least Favorite Chore: pulling weeds

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Dave began his career in 2006 working for a regional accounting firm in the audit department. He then moved to a smaller firm to further his professional passion for working with small and medium sized businesses and provide more client interaction. He soon developed a passion in tax consulting and decided that working in taxation full-time motivated him.


Since high school, Dave realized he wasn’t going to be a rock star and determined accounting to be sound career choice. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Accounting, from Hillsdale College in Michigan. He met his wife, Jennifer, at Hillsdale and both decided to pursue graduate degrees at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. Dave finished his Masters in Professional Accountancy degree in the Spring of 2006.

Personal Profile

After living the high-life in Indianapolis, Dave and Jennifer moved to be closer to family in northeast Indiana, where they still live the high-life. They have two children who have learned how to run the family. They have two passive-aggressive cats who only come out during video meetings. In his spare time, Dave checks his Twitter feed to learn what the Wall Street Journal deems important and to update himself on the inner workings of University of Michigan football.

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