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Location: Wichita, Kansas
Favorite Beverage: Water
First Live Concert: Sanctus Real
Least Favorite Chore: Cleaning bathrooms

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Collin Nitcher spent three years working as a Training and Outreach Minister at a church in Manhattan, KS. He then spent two years managing Arrow Coffee in Manhattan. Right before Summit, he worked for a short stint as an Education Data Analyst in the Manhattan public school district, and now he is with Summit Virtual CFO by Anders! In his varied roles, he enjoyed working with and coaching people, leading teams, and making data move. Collin is quite excited to continue growing his data knowledge and experience with the Summit team.


Collin is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral and Counseling Ministry from Manhattan Christian College. He also received a Google Certificate in Data Analytics.

Personal Profile

Collin and his wife, Lauren, have been married for five years this summer. Their daughter Ruby is one, and their dog Timber is four. They love spending as much time as they can by the pool or by the lake. They also have a wonderful family that enjoys getting together as often as they can. Collin personally loves to cook, exercise, Chiefs football, and Wichita State basketball.

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