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Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Favorite Beverage: Coffee
First Live Concert: Hootie & The Blowfish
Least Favorite Chore: Chopping onions

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Summit Virtual CFO by Anders, Ashley was the senior accountant at a public firm. Her primary concentration is in individual and business taxation and income, tax planning, and financial reporting.


Ashley earned her Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration with Concentration in Accounting from Spring Hill College Mobile. She earned her Graduate Degree from University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Birmingham and Master of Accounting (MAC).

CPA licensed in Alabama. 

Personal Profile

Originally from New Orleans, Ashley moved to Alabama for college and then to Birmingham for grad school. Her and her husband love Birmingham, and have a great group of friends and wonderful memories from this city. However, they are in the process of adopting and are hoping to move back to New Orleans once placement is final. Ashley loves hanging out with her husband and two frenchies, Winston and Bubba. She enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and crafting charcuterie boards/tables. In October of 2020 Ashley started a passion project and has been enjoying crafting charcuterie/grazers for everything from weddings to date nights! It has really been a wonderful adventure and a great way to unwind after a day at the office. Ashley is empowered by all the amazing, successful, real women in her life! Her group of friends are all working to empower young women to follow their dreams and break the glass ceiling!

CPA License Held In


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