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Summit CPA Group Tax Services

Tax Preparation & Planning


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Summit CPA Group Tax Services

Planning and Preparation

Summit CPA Group believes that a successful partnership with its tax clients revolves around clear communication, an array of tax minimization strategies, and preparation for any taxes that are due. For clients that may not fit into our Virtual CFO client model, we offer a tax-only plan that complements Summit’s industry experience.

Further, it provides a more value-added service that allows business-owners to ensure an effective tax strategy is being implemented.





We offer a variety of tax services to our Virtual CFO clients. Below are a few of our favorite federal and state tax resources:



The Cleared Diagnostics Tax CPA Success Show


As you're scaling your firm to be more Virtual CFO driven, you still want to provide your clients with the most up to date tax advice, right? Do you feel it’s getting harder and harder to stay on top of it all?

If so, tune into The Cleared Diagnostics Tax CPA Success Show, where Dave Danic, Summit CPA Group’s Director of Tax Services, shares what’s going on in the tax world!


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