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2 Essential Tips for Finding (Better) Clients

Since math is a part of a CPAs business, here’s a math problem for you: How long can your business survive without clients? You’re borrowing a ton of money, possibly for a while, but eventually you’re going to drown under the weight of your debts. Finding clients as a CPA is an absolute must, and there are multiple pathways to doing it. But the goal isn’t just to find clients. It’s to find the right clients. To do that, you have to start thinking of yourself as less of a mathy CPA and start putting on your sales hat. 

If that thought scared you a little, you’re in good company. Nobody really becomes a CPA because they love being a salesperson. We became CPAs because we love accounting work. But selling is a harsh reality of running any business, including a CPA firm. In this post, we’ll walk you through two strategies that can help you think more like a salesperson. 

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