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How Can Remote Work Revolutionize the Accounting Industry?

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Jun 3, 2024 1:15:47 PM


The Young CPA Success Show: Episode 21

Hannah and Joey are joined by Cory Gayman, Owner and President of JCG CPA Firm, to break down the intricacies of remote work in the accounting industry. They explore the dual-edged nature of remote work, discussing its challenges, such as communication and trust-building, alongside its benefits, like flexibility and work-life balance. The conversation also covers the adaptation of services for virtual environments, the significance of outcome-focused management, and the impact of remote work on recruitment and retention.



Episode Notes

“People are not black and white; they are nuanced, with different needs and communication styles. I really try to teach my managers and leaders that you have to learn how to communicate, not just say what you want and then move on. This is especially important in a remote environment.” -Cory Gayman 


The finer details of this episode:

  • Challenges and benefits of remote work in the accounting industry

  • Managing a hybrid setup

  • Adapting services for virtual work

  • Delegation and communication in remote work environments

  • Focusing on outcomes rather than inputs

  • Building trust in remote employees

  • Impact of remote work on recruiting and retention

  • Importance of flexibility and work-life balance


Episode resources:


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