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Advice for Remote First Companies

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Jan 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM

The Modern CPA Success Show: Episode 58

Coming from different conferences around the state our host and Director of Accounting, Jamie Nau together with our founders, Jody Grunden and Adam Hale bring about a hot topic that's been making a lot of buzz in the industry.

In this episode, they share what they learned and from experience and give sound advice for remote first companies. Highlighting three important foundations that make Summit CPA Group a successful remote workplace — People, Processes, and Tools.





Episode quote:

"Just do it. It's one of those things that if you think about it and you try and make it perfect it never will be. No one working in the office will ever be perfect. So (it's always) come out of your comfort zone and step into the risky area and go remote. You just have to do it."

- Jody Grunden


The finer details of this episode:

  • What to consider and what to prepare for before going remote

  • How to start and how to maintain a remote workplace

  • What helped Summit CPA Group? (Tools, processes, people management)

  • People management strategies Summit CPA Group implemented - what works and what doesn't


You can view the transcript for this episode here.


Episode resources:

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