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Webinar: Pricing and Packaging Your CAS Offerings

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Jun 19, 2024 9:04:33 PM



UPDATED ON 06/19/2024
CPE - Monthly Webinar July

Pricing and Packaging Your CAS Offerings

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Join us for an insightful webinar featuring Jake Grimm, Director of Innovation and Automation, Summit Virtual CFO by Anders, and Jody Grunden, Partner at Anders CPAs + Advisors, Head of Summit Virtual CFO by Anders, as we dive into innovative billing strategies and subscription-based modeling for your accounting practice. Whether you’re looking to optimize your billing methods or explore new revenue models, this webinar has you covered. Jody will share his expertise and practical tips on transforming your practice to drive growth and client satisfaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn Five Ways to Bill Your Clients: Discover diverse billing methods to meet your clients’ needs and enhance your service offerings.

  • Explore Subscription-Based Modeling: Understand the benefits and implementation of subscription models to create consistent revenue streams.

  • Learn KPIs for a Subscription-Based CAS Practice: Identify key performance indicators essential for monitoring and growing your subscription-based Client Accounting Services (CAS) practice.

  • Discover a Six-Step Sales and Conversion Process: Master a proven process to attract and convert potential clients effectively.


Who should attend:

  • This webinar is ideal for accounting professionals, firm owners, and financial advisors looking to modernize their billing practices and explore new business models.

  • Participants will earn 1 CPE Credits in the specialized knowledge field of study. 


Webinar Presenters



Jody Grunden


Tom Wadelton-4


Jake Grimm


Partner and Virtual CFO Practice Leader

Virtual CFO, Summit Virtual CFO by Anders

Director of Innovation and Automation



Summit CPA Group I Accountant Community

Prerequisites: Experience providing client services
Program Level:
Advanced Preparation:
Delivery Method:
Group Internet Based

Registration: RSVP to attend the online meeting on the date listed above. Details for connecting to the meeting will be provided.

Refunds and Cancellations: There is no cost for this program so no refunds will be offered. For more information regarding refund, complaint, and/or cancellation, please contact our office at 314-492-4328