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The Most Essential Tips for Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Jun 17, 2024 9:13:09 AM


The Young CPA Success Show: Episode 22

Donna Serdula, Founder and President of Vision Board Media and LinkedIn expert, joins the show to dive into the nuances of personal branding on LinkedIn. The conversation covers the evolution of the platform from strictly professional to a space for authentic personal expression. Donna advises on the importance of consistent content creation and engagement to build a memorable brand.



Episode Notes

“If you sit down and really make sure that your profile resonates and is truly you, it feels good, and you smile. Ultimately, you become a person who doesn't have to look for a job. Jobs find you. You become a person whose phone rings because there are opportunities, because people know you, remember you, have worked with you, and they want to work with you again.” — Donna Serdula


The finer details of this episode:

  • Importance of personal branding on LinkedIn

  • Shift in perception of the platform

  • Challenges of creating and maintaining a professional presence on social media

  • Controlling one's personal brand and its impact on career opportunities

  • Showcasing values, actions, and descriptions to create a strong and memorable brand

  • Balancing professionalism with personal authenticity on LinkedIn

  • Importance of consistency and cadence in posting content on LinkedIn


Episode resources:


The Most Essential Tips for Personal Branding on LinkedIn with Donna Serdula