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Webinar: 3-Step System to Elevate Your Firm with Short-Form Video

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Feb 7, 2024 10:29:01 AM


UPDATED ON 02/07/2024
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Podcast Powerplay: A 3-Step System to Elevating Your Firm with Interviews & Short-Form Video

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Video is one of the most compelling content mediums firms can use to build a marketing strategy. However, many firms aren’t sure how to create a video marketing strategy & what forms of video are the most engaging for their audience. If this sounds like your firm, don't miss this webinar. Vernon Foster II, Founder of Arsenal, shares his system for elevating firms through interviews & short-form video.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how podcasts elevate your firm’s profile & industry influence

  • Learn key techniques for conducting compelling interviews that captivate audiences

  • Discover strategies for creating engaging short-form videos to boost digital presence

Who should attend:

  • Firm owners building a video marketing strategy

  • Practicing accountants looking to learn more about marketing


Webinar Presenters



Vernon Foster II



Tom Wadelton-4


Founder, Arsenal

Virtual CFO, Summit Virtual CFO by Anders



Summit CPA Group I Accountant Community

Prerequisites: Experience providing client services
Program Level:
Advanced Preparation:
Delivery Method:
Group Internet Based

Registration: RSVP to attend the online meeting on the date listed above. Details for connecting to the meeting will be provided.

Refunds and Cancellations: There is no cost for this program so no refunds will be offered. For more information regarding refund, complaint, and/or cancellation, please contact our office at 314-492-4328




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