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What’s in your Tech Toolbox?

Published by Andrea Cannistraci on 29 Sep 2018



Every business has their own unique set of tech tools that help them accomplish their goals most efficiently. At Summit CPA Group, we use a plethora of technology tools that help to automate workflow across three areas: admin, audit/tax/production, and marketing.

Our admin tools are used internally and help our 100% distributed team collaborate and communicate effectively. You probably have heard of Calendly, a meeting scheduling tool. It’s the perfect tool to schedule meetings at times that are convenient for all parties. A few of my favorite admin tech tools are Sococo which is a virtual office, and Trello, a project management tool. We use a variety of tech tools for payments, client interaction, cloud storage, expense management, recruiting, time tracking, workflow automation, and much more. There truly is a tool for everything!

Our audit/tax/production toolkit is the set of tools we use externally with our clients. It contains a few of the same tools as our admin toolbox but also several additional. These tools help us provide services to our clients. The audit team uses Smartsheet (an awesome project management tool that is used across many disciplines, including events marketing) while our tax team uses CCH Axcess Tax to help with profitability and efficiency.

The Marketing team loves their tech tools and uses them to promote the brand and services online. Hubspot is our CRM that helps with inbound marketing and sales. Our marketing team works closely with all team members to curate original content and publish on Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform that is a terrific vehicle for thought leadership. Of course, what marketing department isn’t on social media? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Follow and Like today!

For a full list of the tech tools we use, download our TechStack Guide. We’d love to hear what tech tools you are utilizing at your company!  



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