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Chris Williams and Josh Jeans Discuss Quiet Quitting

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 14 Dec 2022

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 69


In this episode, Jamie Nau, our host and Summit CPA's Director of Virtual CFO sits down Josh Jeans, Summit’s People Operations Strategist, and Chris Williams, former VP of HR at Microsoft and current leadership advisor, podcaster, and author, to discuss current HR trends in the marketplace, such as “quiet quitting,” and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.




“Long before COVID, people were feeling frustrated, particularly younger people who were feeling like the market was leaving them behind. Then, along came COVID, which completely shook the entire job market. And it sent people home to sit on their couch and think about themselves and what they're doing. The pandemic shook the market and caused there to be some realization on the part of the employees that maybe they weren't getting everything out of this bargain.” – Chris Williams 

The finer details of this episode:

  • How to navigate the current marketplace for employment opportunities 
  • Being able to reflect on current employment circumstances and understand alternative options
  • How to stop compromising personal situations for the sake of a career 
  • Being able to cultivate a good leadership team 

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Chris Williams and Josh Jeans Discuss Quiet Quitting


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