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Location: Lakeland, Florida
Favorite Beverage: Coffee!
First Live Concert: Lil Wayne
Least Favorite Chore: Dishes

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

Nolan has many years working in public accounting focusing on individuals, partnerships, and corporations. Most of this experience has been working with flow-through entities and analyzing how those results impact the individual owners of the entity. He has also had extensive experience working with C-corporations, preparing tax provisions and consolidations for those entities. Regardless of the entity type, Nolan is passionate about providing an exceptional experience for his clients.


Nolan graduated from Southeastern University with a bachelors degree in Accounting in 2012. After graduating, he went on to pursue a career in taxation. In 2017, Nolan entered the Master of Taxation program at the University of Denver, which he graduated from in 2019. Upon graduation, he continued his career in taxation while earning the CPA designation in Florida.

Personal Profile

Nolan has focused mainly on the taxation of individuals, flow-through entities and C-corps throughout his career. He has worked in both public and private accounting, but after completing his master of taxation, decided to focus exclusively in public accounting.

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