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Location: Chester, Maryland
Favorite Beverage: Coffee
First Live Concert: Aerosmith
Least Favorite Chore: Dishes and Laundry

Virtual Bookkeeper

Professional Experience

While supporting her husband's military career, Candice went back to school in 2012, where she completed her BA and MA, while her children were babies. She was then hired by a small accounting firm that focused on tax planning and CFO services, where she wore many hats for the company from bookkeeper to controller. She has now joined the Summit Virtual CFO by Anders team where she hopes to complete her CPA and continue to grow.


Bachelor's with a Concentration in Accounting
Master's in Forensic Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University
Currently studying for the CPA and starting with FAR

Personal Profile

Candice loves spending time with family and friends, especially her four crazy kids, and if that wasn't enough, she just added two new puppies to the mix. She also loves self-care days (spa days), camping, reading, and just recharging her batteries.

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