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Have you ever wondered how your business is doing compared with others in your industry?


Our KPI Metrix Dashboard is designed specifically for creative agencies to give you the insider information that you need.

  • You'll get access to KPIs that are the most important in your industry, not just generic metrics that aren't really helpful.
  • You'll be able to compare how your business is doing with other businesses in your industry.
  • You can filter the data for specific subsets of information, such as company size, annual revenue, type of work, etc. -- Coming soon!

The KPI Metrix Dashboard helps you hone in on the "levers you can pull" to improve your company's performance. For example, if your Utilization rate is at 55% while comparable firms are at 65% and your average bill rate is $150 while comparable firms are at $145, focusing on Utilization as the lever to pull can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. 









Categories of KPI Reports



Money in the Bank

Total Cash / 12 Months of Revenue

The overall goal for a company is to have a minimum of 10% of the company’s 12 months of revenue as cash in the bank. This is outside of cash needed for taxes.

Cash and AR

Total Cash + Accounts Receivable / 12 Months of Revenue

This metric can offer a little bit of a leading indicator if cash is going to drastically shift positively or negatively in the future. A company would want to ensure that their overall average of cash and receivables is staying steady or growing.


Overhead Expense

Total Overhead Expenses / Total Revenue

This formula tells us what percent of total revenue the company paid towards overhead expenses. We like to break up overhead expenses into four main categories (which will be displayed over the next two pages): 1.Administrative Expenses2.Sales & Marketing Expenses3.Facility Expenses4.Owners Compensation

Effective Bill Rate

Effective Bill Rate = Total Service Revenue / Total Production Hours Paid or Utilization Percent x Average Bill Rate

Effective Bill Rate for a service-based business is the critical KPI for measuring success of your production team, the team that is producing the work. For every hour that you pay your production team, effective bill rate is how much revenue was generated over that same timeframe. While effective bill rate is the most important production performance KPI – it is derived by two other metrics – Utilization Percent x Average Bill Rate.


 Want to see how your business compares with others in your industry?