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Top Ten Podcast Episodes of 2021 – Modern CPA Success Show

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Mar 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM

We created The Modern CPA Success Show to help accounting firm owners learn how to provide successful Virtual CFO services and become profitable. Published bi-weekly Summit CPA’s host Jamie Nau, Director of Accounting interviews our COO Adam Hale and other guests to share the knowledge and experience acquired from running a CPA firm.

Recently we rounded up our top 10 podcast episodes from 2021 that help shape the outlook for upcoming guests and topics for the podcast in 2022. The top 10 were carefully selected and based on the most downloads for the year. Now’s your chance to tune in and listen to the top 10 podcast episodes of 2021 that you may have missed from The Modern CPA Success Show!

Number 1: Episode 33 – The Future of Virtual CFO Services with Rick Telberg of CPA Trendlines

“If we write about what people are talking about, then people are going to talk about what we write about.”
- Rick Telberg



In this episode, we are joined by Rick Telberg from CPA Trendlines to talk about the shift towards virtual CFO services. The VCFO space is getting bigger, especially with the increase in online teams in 2020. This is such an interesting time, because businesses are required to change to adapt to the current landscape, and accountants are no exception to this. Listen to learn about the future of the CPA space and the virtual CFO.

The finer details of this episode

  • How Rick curated his content for CPA Trendlines
  • Trends in the Virtual CFO space
  • What could potentially hold CPA firms back from going virtual
  • Why you should seriously consider offering VCFO work considering the current landscape
  • What type of firm is best for offering VCFO services?
  • Benefits of hiring a project manager to do our client onboarding at Summit CPA

Number 2: Episode 35 Exploring Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

“If you want to be a big business that continues to grow with some scale, then you need to learn how to use these.”
– Stephen Pope



In this episode, we are joined by Kelly Schuknecht, Director of Marketing and Stephen Pope, founder of SGP Labs to discuss the importance of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy. He talks about how videos can help you grow and scale your business and help you reach your target audience better.

The finer details of this episode

  • How video helps you connect to your audience
  • Why it's important to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your social media and other marketing efforts in general
  • How to be comfortable in video
  • Tips on getting your very first video done

Number 3: Episode 37 Adapting in the Age of Automation with David Bergstein

“I think the future of accounting is automation and advisory services.”
– David Bergstein



In this episode, we sit down with David Bergstein, the Chief Innovation Officer of Bergstein CPA. He is an author, blogger, speaker, educator, and advisor to CPA Firms who is dedicated in helping accounting firms grow their Client Accounting & Advisory Services practices. He calls himself "A Millennial Trapped in a Baby Boomer's Body" in this episode, we will understand why so and also, why he passionately believes moving to the cloud and adapting quickly to technological changes are important for accounting professionals and CPA firms.

The finer details of this episode

  • Understanding the importance of automation and innovation
  • Process of choosing the best platforms to automate processes
  • Why moving to the cloud is the way forward for CPA firms
  • How to add value through advisory

Number 4: Episode 39 The Playbook That Inspired the Growth of Oberlander & Co.

"I feel like we're colleagues, so you know it's like a real firm and we work together, and they help us a lot besides actually taking the course that has helped us a lot in setting the framework."
- Jacob Oberlander



In this episode, we are joined by Jacob Oberlander, Owner and Principal of Oberlander & Co. and Tom Wadelton CFO and Controller of Summit CPA Group to talk about how the VCFO Playbook Course helped them grow and scale their VCFO services. Sharing important takeaways, the process in which Oberlander & Co. has applied them, and the impact it has made to their business.

The finer details of this episode

  • How the VCFO Playbook Course influenced Oberlander & Co.
  • Highlighting the practices that Oberlander & Co. adopted
  • Importance of implementing a solid Onboarding process and Pipeline Meetings
  • The Impact of Switching to Value-Based Pricing

Number 5: Episode 41 How Octavia Connor Made Her Clients Say Yes to Profits

In order to generate profit, the correct way you need to have cash flow in your business...So one of the ways that we help our business owners is that we tell them 'The ultimate goal is for you to say yes to profits.'”
- Octavia Conner



In this episode, we sit down with Octavia Conner, Founder and Virtual CFO at Say Yes to Profits to get to know her and her business better. Talking about what inspired her and what changes she made to build and scale her business.

The finer details of this episode

  • Say Yes to Profit and Octavia's amazing backstory
  • How she defined what needed to be done to scale her business
  • The challenges she faced and how she overcame them
  • Tried and tested tips to build your own VCFO services

Number 6: Episode 42 Developing Systems to Scale your Business with David Jenyns (Part 1)

“All the business owners that I chat with, every single one of them, I don't think we'd ever had a discussion where we haven't come to the conclusion that business systems are important.”
- David Jenyns



In this episode, we are joined by David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology to discuss why processes and systems play an important role in the success and growth of a business. We will learn more about what David does and how his book helps business owners create time, reduce errors, and scale profits.

The finer details of this episode

  • Why business systems are important
  • How SYSTEMology is different from process improvement practices
  • What business owners should do to get started
  • Key practices to adopt for better business systems

Number 7:Episode 44 Deep Dive with Virtual CFO Client Tiffany Farriss of Palantir

“We were built to a certain kind of project, that they weren't looking from us anymore. We had to really reshape the firm and it was a really painful moment. So, we really had to learn and step back.”
- Tiffany Farriss



In this episode, we are joined by one of our clients, Tiffany Farriss of Palantir. Today we will talk about the challenges Palantir has faced and diving deep into this to understand how they reshaped the company by recognizing their problem and creating solutions to address it. In line with that, Tiffany shares how having a virtual CFO has impacted the growth of her business.

The finer details of this episode

  • Growth as an outcome of success not as a metric
  • The challenges that influenced the changes for Palantir
  • How long it takes to create a 360 shift within the organization
  • How a virtual CFO was able to help them through challenging times

Number 8: Episode 45 Tax Lessons Learned with Dave Danic

“Building a team that is eager to dive into some of these multi-state tax issues is one of our lessons”
- Dave Danic



In this episode, we are joined by our CEO and Co-founder, Jody Grunden and our Director of Tax, Dave Danic to talk about the tax lessons we learned this season. Although, there is always something to learn every tax season, this year was especially impactful. We will be having an in-depth discussion about challenges the team faced internally and solutions that helped overcome them.

The finer details of this episode

  • How Summit CPA Group Tax Department is set up
  • Shifts that Summit CPA Group made internally the past two years under the Tax Department
  • What a does a Tax Manager do?
  • The changes Summit CPA Group did when managing clients

Number 9: Episode 49 Finding Your Niche and Becoming a Thought Leader

“In terms of passionate, absolutely essential as there's a rule in the practice of thought leadership, that your audience will never be more interested in your topic than you. So you have to choose something that you're going to be excited to talk about for the next five or 10 years.”
- Bill Sherman



In this episode, we are joined by Bill Sherman, COO and Thought Leadership Practice Lead of Thought Leadership Leverage to talk about how thought leadership gives an organization a competitive advantage and the important steps you need to take to become one.

The finer details of this episode

  • What is thought leadership?
  • What questions should you ask yourself before you start?
  • Steps you need to take before you launch your brand's thought leadership
  • Thought leadership and its correlation to passion, relevance, and responsibility

Number 10:Episode 50 Exploring New Marketing Channels to Reach More Leads.

“The thing is you kind of have to find your groove there. It doesn't happen just overnight.”
- Stephen Pope



Are you spending money in marketing but aren't seeing the results you are expecting? In this episode, we sit down with Stephen Pope, CEO/Founder of SGP Labs to talk about content creation, video marketing and new marketing channel that work.

The finer details of this episode

  • Which marketing channel should you consider for your firm?
  • Understanding your audience and making sure you have a clear message
  • The concept of virality and creating content that resonates
  • All about TikTok and the impact of social media and video marketing


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