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The Top 5 CPA Firm Blogs for the Month September 2020

Published by Summit Marketing Team on Oct 20, 2020 6:00:00 AM

  1. Best Books to Make You a Better CFO-- Listen to learn about our favorite books and how they have inspired us as professionals. We all have our own knowledge and experience, but it’s important to also learn from other people’s ideas, which is why we are sitting down with Jody Grunden and Adam Hale, COO at Summit CPA, to talk about the best books you can read to become a better CFO.

  2. Tips for Selling Virtual CFO Services-- You can’t do great work if you don’t have great clients, so we are sitting down with Adam Hale, one of the owners of Summit CPA, to talk about the essential parts of the sales process. The sales process is about laying the foundation for long-term relationships that you can build on for years to come. 

  3. Using JetPack Workflow for project management -- At Summit CPA, we have found JetPack Workflow to be an extremely valuable tool to create workflows that maintain consistency and quality as we grow our business. Special guest, David Cristello, founder and CEO of JetPack Workflow, and Adam Hale, the COO at Summit CPA. 

  4. Top 5 Delegation Tips for Busy CPAs -- Find out how to prepare your CPA Firm for success. Delegation is the foundation for growth, and leveraging your time is the most impactful way entrepreneurs can lead and scale. 

  5. Client Spotlight with Matt Westgate of Lullabot -- Check out the new trend on our podcast as we speak with our client, Matt Westgate, the CEO of Lullabot, concerning his experience when working with a distributed team in his business.

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