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Here are a few can't-live-without tools our team uses to build stronger relationships with our clients and to work more effectively as a distributed workforce.



Sococo is an online office for our distributed team. Their platform made it much easier for new team members to get a sense of our company's structure / culture, and for existing team members to collaborate with one another.


For many years, PlanGuru has been our budget and forecasting tool of choice. We use their cloud-based platform to conduct reporting/analytics for our Virtual CFO clients. Less time making more reports, and more time with clients!



Our team uses ProfitCents, the world's first "e-Financial Analyst," to analyze and interpret our clients' financial statement and tax data into easy-to-understand narrative text reports.



Also a robust accounting platform, QuickBooks is the first choice for many of our clients. We also use QuickBooks Online. 

Xero is a robust accounting platform that gives our clients real-time views of cash flow and integrates with more than 450 business applications.


We use Right Networks to fully (and securely) manage and host our clients' Quickbooks accounts in a secure, collaborative cloud-based environment.


We use GoToMeeting to conduct online video meetings with our clients. 80% of our clients  (and our team) are virtual, so using GoToMeeting is a must for regular communication.


Our hosted VoIP solution of choice, 8x8 makes it easy for our team to make / log calls directly from their computers.


We run our website and marketing through HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing software platform. 


We use an Indiana-based managed IT services company, 4eos, to handle network maintenance and IT management support for our company.


FreshBooks is an accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure. It allows you to spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work that you love.

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