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CPA Firm Augmentation

Changing the way people think about accounting.

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What is CPA Firm Augmentation?

Are you tired of putting in long hours?

Would you love to offer Virtual CFO Services but don’t know how?

Has it become difficult running a profitable, sustainable accounting practice?

Dedicated to perfecting Virtual CFO Services since our inception in 2002, Summit CPA Group serves as Virtual CFOs for over 100 clients throughout North America. We are now taking our experience to the next level by being the back office for CPA Firms!

Where most CPA Firms focus on the past, our Virtual CFO Firm focuses on the future!

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"Summit CPA is not just accounting. From the beginning we could tell this was going to be a different kind of relationship. Each week we have a cashflow meeting and every month we have meetings for sales/invoicing, forecasting and monthly financial reports."
- Matt Westgate, Lullabot