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Summit CPA Group is CPA firm that specializes in Virtual CFO Services. Although we were founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our team is distributed--spread throughout the United States. Our company’s mission is to “Change the way that people think about accounting.”

Summit CPA Group has uniquely been able to combine the culture of a CPA firm with that of a corporation. Our mantra from the beginning has been Team, Customers, and Profit in that order. Because of that, Summit CPA Group receives approximately five quality employee applications a day and adds approximately two to six new clients a month with a 2017 average of $55K per client. Top line revenue for 2017 will exceed $4.2 Million with bottom line profits falling between 15% to 20%.

We bundle our services:

  • Financial Statement Prep
  • Forecasting
  • Virtual CFO Services
  • Payroll Management
  • Expense Reimbursement Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Tax Planning and Projections
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Property & Sales Tax Returns
  • Multi-state filings

Why would I outsource my accounting services?

  1. You’re thinking of selling
  2. Your retirement is approaching
  3. Are you departing from your firm with employees
  4. Are you departing from your firm without employees
  5. Are you looking to add services

What are the benefits?

Do you want to take on more clients without hiring more staff and relocating? Hiring more staff? Guaranteed income. No admin or marketing concerns. No cashflow concerns.

Summit CPA Group offers four unique services offerings for Accounting Firms. We help you restructure your agreements to fit our pricing model—usually resulting in more revenue.



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