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Welcome to our newest employees!

Published by Andrea Cannistraci on 14 May 2018

Summit CPA Group is thrilled to announce the addition of five new team members. As part of our goal to change the way people think about accounting, Summit has been growing at a good rate over the past year. Now, we welcome five new colleagues into our family. Please help us say hello to Jade, John, Jason, Mandi, and Mikala.

Jade Dervan, Senior AccountantJade Dervan - 2
Jade grew up in Columbus, Georgia…and has never left! She has a dachshund named Lucy and is fond of giraffes. Jade loves to travel and the Grand Canyon is next on her bucket list. 


John Pufal full John Pufal, Senior Accountant
John’s dad worked in the oil industry so he had a chance to grow up in different areas of the US—including Oklahoma, California, Texas, and Louisiana. When he’s not working, John enjoys hanging out with family, fishing, and watching sports. John currently lives in Texas.

JasonLeJason Le, Accountant
Jason grew up in South Carolina and now calls Myrtle Beach, SC home. Jason claims that he’s eaten a lot of weird stuff—like congealed pig's blood in a rice soup. He enjoys music, sports and playing with his kids.


 Mandi Baker fullMandi Baker, Senior Accountant
Mandi grew up in Ohio and enjoys watching kid’s movies. Her current fav is Trolls. She and her husband are taking a dream trip this summer to California to drive the coast up to Seattle.


 Mikala Page-1Mikala Page, Accountant
Mikala isn’t exactly new to Summit. She spent some time interning with us last year. Mikala moved a lot growing up, but most of the time she has spent living in and around Bluffton, Indiana. She tells us that the weirdest thing she has ever eaten is octopus tentacles—while they were still squirming.

Please help us give a warm welcome to our five new staff members. It’s great to have them on board!