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2021 Top Ten Podcast Episodes – Virtual CPA Success Show

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 16 Mar 2022

We created The Virtual CPA Success Show for Creative Agencies to help service-based business owners dive deep into the financial side of their business to achieve growth and financial success. Published bi-weekly Summit’s host Jamie Nau, Director of Accounting interviews our CEO Jody Grunden and other guests to share the knowledge and experience acquired from running service-based companies.

Recently we rounded up our top 10 podcast episodes from 2021 that help shape the outlook for upcoming guests and topics for the podcast in 2022. The top 10 were carefully selected and based on the most downloads for the year. Now’s your chance to tune in and listen to the top 10 podcast episodes of 2021 you may have missed from The Virtual CPA Success Show for Creative Agencies!

Number 1: Episode 32 - Financing with QuickFee

“One of the partners there was sharing that their firm no longer has an overdraft thanks to using our payment plans”
- Bruce Coombes



In this episode, we sat down with Bruce Coombes and Richard Formoe from QuickFee to explain how you can use their products to get paid faster. QuickFee provides quick and hassle-free payment options for your clients to help you can increase sales, build better client relationships, and improve cash flow.

The finer details of this episode

  • What is QuickFee
  • What are the three payment solutions offered by QuickFee?
  • Advantages of using QuickFee

  • How it helped firms collect payments faster
  • How QuickFee can help enhance your relationship with your client

Number 2: Episode 35 - Establish Smarter Ways of Working for you and your Clients with Bill.Com
"You have an opportunity to digitally transform your clients' life."
- Pete Potsos



In this episode, we are joined by Pete Potsos, Strategic Account Manager & Client Accounting Services Strategic Advisor at Bill.com to talk about how businesses use Bill.com to simplify payments and how its features have impacted our processes and how it has made a positive change in our workflow at Summit CPA Group. Gone are the days when you had to look at two or more places to get things done. Bill.com enables you to pay, get paid, and manage your payments process from one place.

The finer details of this episode 

  • What is Bill.com?
  • How Bill.com helped Summit CPA revolutionize their processes
  • Features can help you and your clients
  • How you can improve your own practice using the Bill.com platform

Number 3: Episode 36 - Pulse of the Industry with Tom Beck

“Certainly, confidence never recovered to the levels that we would see. And even most of the members that I talked with, who even ended having a good year, expressed that it was volatile and uncertain throughout the year.”
- Tom Beck



In this episode, we are joined by Tom Beck, Executive Director of SoDA today talk about the current state of the industry. Amidst these unprecedented times businesses continue to thrive while some take it day by day to survive. Let's take a deep dive into the industry insights from SoDa and take advantage of this knowledge to create strategies that will work for your business.

The finer details of this episode 

  • What's going on in the Digital Marketing Agency industry?
  • What industry trends emerged over the past year
  • Overview of the 2020 Agency Tracking Study by SoDA
  • High-level understanding of the Pricing Models as presented in SoDA's research findings

Number 4 & 5: Episodes 37 & 38 - Developing Systems to Scale Your Business with David Jenyns

“All the business owners that I chat with, every single one of them, I don't think we'd ever had a discussion where we haven't come to the conclusion that business systems are important.”
- David Jenyns






In part 1 and 2, we are joined by David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology to discuss why processes and systems play an important role in the success and growth of a business. We will learn more about what David does and how his book helps business owners create time, reduce errors, and scale profits.

The finer details of this Part 1 and Part 2

  • Why business systems are important
  • How SYSTEMology is different from process improvement practices
  • What business owners should do to get started 
  • Key practices to adopt for better business systems
  • The need for a Business Systems Champion in your organization
  • How systems shape business cultures
  • The impact and change systems bring to a business 
  • Getting your teams onboard with changes in business systems

Number 6: Episode 39 - Deep Dive with Virtual CFO Client Tiffany Farriss of Palantir

“We were built to a certain kind of project, that they weren't looking from us anymore. We had to really reshape the firm and it was a really painful moment. So, we really had to learn and step back.”
- Tiffany Farriss



In this episode, we are joined by one of our clients, Tiffany Farriss of Palantir. Today we will talk about the challenges Palantir has faced and diving deep into this to understand how they reshaped the company by recognizing their problem and creating solutions to address it. In line with that, Tiffany shares how having a virtual CFO has impacted the growth of her business. 

The finer details of this episode 

  • Growth as an outcome of success not as a metric
  • The challenges that influenced the changes for Palantir
  • How long does it take to create a 360 shift within the organization?
  • How a virtual CFO was able to help them through challenging times

Number 7: Episode 40 - Developing a Growth Marketing Strategy with Dev Basu

"It's actually easy to be cheap and it's easy to be a generalist. It's relatively hard to be narrow because you have to take that leap of faith and suspend your disbelief that you'll be pigeonholed into only working with a specific kind of client or selling a specific kind of product" - Dev Basu



In this episode, we are joined by Dev Basu of Powered by Search to talk about important steps a company needs to take to develop a growth marketing strategy. Diving deep into the fastest way to quickly grow your business through marketing strategies focusing on your audience and pricing.

The finer details of this episode 

  • What is Powered by Search? How does it help businesses and agencies?
  • Why is narrowing your niche an important first step?
  • Common mistakes business/agencies make
  • How positioning affects pricing and perceived value

Number 8 & 9: Episodes 41 & 42 Planning memorable company retreats for remote companies

"I really think what Summit has created, and Jody and Adam have created together is something unique; and also, is something that should be looked at by other companies and replicated with how they treat their employees and creating that connection in a very remote working environment"
- Lillian Hocevar






If there's one thing everybody looks forward to in a remote company, it's definitely the company retreat. An event where everyone is able to enjoy, hang out and talk about work, life, and random things in-person and not through virtual meeting rooms. These events are important for our company's culture, and we know how such can ultimately contribute to a high-performing virtual team. In this episode, we sit down with Jody Grunden, Zach Montroy, and Lillian Hocevar our team members who made such an unforgettable company retreat possible.


The finer details of this Part 1 & Part 2

  • Postmortem discussion of the Director's Retreat
  • When to include family members in company retreats
  • Selecting the perfect location for retreats that include family members
  • Ultimate goal of company retreats
  • What are the 6 Working Geniuses? How did Summit use this information to help teams
    Difference between Director and CFO retreat and why it's important to have both?
  • Purpose and benefits of team retreats
  • Process of organizing team retreats
  • Impact of team retreats to employee morale
  • Difference of team retreats for remote vs. non-remote companies

Episode 10: Episode 45: Value-Based Pricing with Geraldine Carter

"In order to get at value for your clients, it's helpful to think of the three questions that you can. Why now, why me and why this way. "
- Geraldine Carter


Instead of charging by the hour or by project, why not charge based on value? In this episode we sit down with Geraldine Carter, founder of She Thinks Big Coaching to discuss how digital agencies can use their existing skills and expertise to provide valuable services for small businesses at a premium rate and how this approach will help them earn more money while building their brand and business.

The finer details of this episode 

  • What is Value-Based Pricing?
  • Why digital agencies should consider Value-Based Pricing 
  • What questions to ask when pricing your services according to value


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