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Summit CPA Group Joined Anders!

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 13 Jul 2022

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 58


Have you heard the news? Last April 1, 2022, Summit CPA has officially joined Anders CPA + Advisors (Anders) with a vision to achieve their highest potential together. Anders is a Top 100 St. Louis-based CPA and advisory firm that has delivered full-service accounting, tax, audit and advisory services to growth-oriented companies, organizations and individuals for more than 55 years. In this special episode, Jamie Nau, our Director of Accounting and host, interviews Jody Grunden, our CEO and co-founder, and Robert Minkler Jr., Anders CPA + Advisors' Managing Partner, to talk more about the merger and how it came to fruition.







Episode Notes:

" Just because things are going well doesn't mean they can't be better. So that's what we try to live by. " - Robert Minkler Jr. 

The finer details of this episode:

  • The merger story of Summit CPA and Anders
  • How the merger benefits both Summit CPA and Anders
  • What stakeholders should expect with the merger

Episode resources:


Summit CPA has Joined Anders!


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