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Small Business Saturday 2020

Published by Adam Hale on 24 Nov 2020

Small Business Saturday is the creation of American Express. It began in November of 2010 as a day meant to encourage shoppers to support their local small businesses. To help you prepare, American Express offers multiple free resources and marketing materials for Small Business Saturday.

This year's, Small Business Saturday falls on November 28th. Many businesses, especially small businesses, are struggling due to the pandemic. For this reason, Small Business Saturday is very important to the local communities, as well as your business. You have the opportunity to connect with your customers and show them the advantages of shopping at a local small business. To help you connect, here are a few things to consider as you prepare.

  • Marketing. Get the word out early that you’ll be participating in Small Business Saturday. Promote your coffee_house_sign_17799 (1)product/ services by placing ads in the local newspaper, mail out circulars to any potential customers, and don’t forget to use social media sites to promote your business too. Once you get customers in the store or on your website, who knows, they may just find even more interesting things to purchase.

  • Employees. This is an important weekend to kick off the holiday shopping season and promote your business. Be sure that you have enough well trained employees to help all your customers. Include in the training all the do’s and don’ts of your store policies, such as: returns, security, and how to handle those irate customers. Proper training will help you avoid long lines and irate customers, while offering a good and safe shopping experience for all concerned.

  • What’s on sale? What products or services do you want to promote? If you plan on offering special discounts for that day/weekend, figure out how much your budget allows you to offer and still make a profit. For instance: Depending on your type of business, you might offer a 20% discount, buy one get one free, or buy one and get one ½ price.
  • Online services. Shopping is a bit different this year so it’s important to offer your customers shopping options. Due to the pandemic, it’s important to make your customers feel safe, so online options are more important than ever this year. You may also consider using a mobile app or phone orders for shoppers that may not have access to phones or computers.

  • Check your inventory. You'll need to make sure you have enough of the items you want to sell stocked in your inventory. When customers visit your store or website, they will expect to find the items you’ve advertised. Once you get the customers interested, they may see other items of interest.

  • Shipping. For shoppers who spend a certain limit, you could offer free shipping or coupon codes that offer a percentage off an order. For brick and mortar stores, you could offer free or discounted delivery within a certain area. 

  • Security. At any time of the year, your top priority is protecting your business and customer data. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or online shopping, it’s essential that your anti-virus software is always up-to-date and secure.

By supporting your local small businesses, you not only support someone’s dreams of a successful business, but you are also putting money back in to your local economy.

At Summit CPA, we offer multiple resources that will help get your business on the right track. Contact our office at (866) 497-9761 to schedule an appointment with our advisors.


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