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The Top 6 QuickBooks CRM Options for Your Business

Published by Jody Grunden on 18 Jan 2019

When it comes to your business, the tools you use will have an impact on your efficiency and ability to grow. Integrating the tools you use can have an even greater impact.

Did you know that you can integrate a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with QuickBooks? FitSmallBusiness has created a handy guide to the 6 Best QuickBooks CRM Options for 2018.

Here are a few things the guides suggest looking for when considering which CRM to use with QuickBooks:office_businessman_working_22296

  • Price/Affordability
  • Ease of Use
  • Direct/Ease of Integration
  • Invoice Views, Filters & Summaries
  • Invoice & Payment Search
  • Invoice & Payment Search
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Customer Support & Educational Resources

And here’s a list of the top 6 CRMs according to FitSmallBusiness:

  1. Method CRM - (Best Overall) Companies wanting QuickBooks integration with a self-serve customer payment portal.
  2. Freshsales - Businesses that want to connect invoices to contacts and follow-up with a built-in phone.
  3. Insightly - Sales people wanting to combine project management and QuickBooks to enhance post-sale customer experience.
  4. Agile - Organizations wanting to manage sales activities, marketing automation, support, and accounting in one platform.
  5. Pipeline Deals - Sales people wanting a CRM with team management and workflow automation that integrates with QuickBooks
  6. Vtiger Cloud - Businesses looking for a visual CRM with kanban boards that integrates with QuickBooks.

To learn more about these CRMs that integrate with QuickBooks, view the full guide by FitSmallBusiness: 6 Best QuickBooks CRM Options for 2018.

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