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Our Top 5 Virtual CFO Blog Posts for August 2019

Published by Adam Hale on 10 Sep 2019

On the Summit CPA Virtual CFO Blog we publish a post every week day, bringing you helpful information about accounting and finance, including cash flow management, business tax planning, and financial forecasting. Here are our top five posts last month:

  1. New Capital Expense Rules for 2018- CPA Director of Tax, Dave Danic, covers two things you need to know about the tax reform bill that top_5_pedestal_400_clr_6489was passed in December 2017 and its provisions intended to benefit small businesses. 
  2. Do Your Family Loans have Tax Implications?- If you've ever considered giving a financial loan to a family member, read this post to learn how to avoid unintended tax consequences that can result from giving a family member a loan by learning the IRS rules around family loans. 
  3. Company Buyout Pros and Cons- If your employer offers you a buyout, should you take it?  This post covers 10 considerations you should make if your employer offers you a buyout.  
  4. Tax Bracket vs. Tax Rate - The difference between your tax bracket and your tax rate is more than a trick question. One gives you an accurate reflection of your tax liability. While the other one is useful for planning purposes.
  5. Taking a Loan from Your Business? Don’t Forget the Tax Rules- Business owners considering taking a shareholder loan from their business should be sure to first understand how the IRS will view that loan in the case of an audit. 

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