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Developing a Team of Learners

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 19 Jan 2022

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 51


In this episode, Jamie Nau, our host and Summit CPA's Director of Accounting/Virtual CFO sits down with our COO and Co-founder, Adam Hale and our People Operations Strategist, Josh Jeans to talk about a one of our core values - curiosity.

They discuss the importance of curiosity in developing a team of constant learners and how it can impact hiring, employee productivity, and day-to-day operations.






Episode quote:

"The end of curiosity is that understanding and it's engagement. And if we get to that and then we're going to increase our quality of interactions with our internal stakeholders and with our teammates, we're going to increase the quality of the service we provide to our clients because we are fully engaged. We are better understanding who, who they are and what they want."

- Josh Jeans


The finer details of this episode :

  • What having curiosity means to Summit CPA Group?

  • In the hiring process, what are Summit CPA's best practices that help qualify candidates who imbibes the core value curiosity?

  • How is curiosity a learned skill and how do we hone it?

  • How does curiosity contribute to developing a team of constant learners?


Episode resources:

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Developing a Team of Constant Learners


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