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For Effective Marketing - Know Your Customers

Published by Jake Grimm on 29 Nov 2018

To market effectively, it’s vital that know your customers. When you try to sell to "everyone" it can send a weak message, muddy your image, and waste your company's resources. When you have a satisfied customer, not only will they return but they are very likely refer others. When you're thinking about your typical customer, take into consideration their:magnify_the_little_people animated_19246 (1)

* Age

* Interests

* Gender

* Needs

* Financial status

* Social status

Now, in order of importance, list what customers are looking for when they come into your business.

* Are your customers looking for selection, quality, price, service, or a combination?

* Is efficiency, expertise, or willingness to accommodate special requests important to your customers?

* Do they demand convenience, or are they looking for atmosphere, ambience, or status?

* Emphasize what your client’s value. Communicate in their manner and style when you’re creating ads or other marketing tools. For example, low prices may not appeal to those who are more concerned with status, and ads to sell power tools rarely feature people in suits.

Getting to know your customers is mutually beneficial. You provide products and services that your customers find valuable while creating revenue opportunities for your company. This is a great opportunity to create a winning situation for your business and your client.

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