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Tips for Handling an Overflowing Inbox

Published by Jake Grimm on 22 Jun 2018

You’ve finally got your new business up and running and things are looking great. Business is booming and so is your email inbox. You can’t ignore all those emails because many of them are from your customers. It could mean the difference between keeping a good client and losing one because you didn’t get their email or maybe it was just lost in the mix of things.

clean up eamil man_sitting_on_laptop_18929It can be pretty time consuming when you have to go through every email, leaving you less time to do the important work that needs to get done. So, what can you do if your inbox is jam packed with emails every day? Here are a couple of tips:

* Setup your emails by function and priority. This can be done by going into your email options and changing some of your email rules. Make a folder for your personal emails and another for your business emails. Then, set up a new folder for your high priority emails. This may be a little time consuming to get everything set up, but once it’s done it will be much easier to sort through what’s important and what’s just junk mail.

FYI: When you have time, you may want to go through that junk mail to make sure that nothing important went to that file before you delete anything.

* Have a trusted employee help sort through your emails. Start by setting up separate emails by function rather than by people. This way your employees can take over more of this ever-growing task. Any emails that you respond to in the same way repeatedly can be drafted in a form letter and placed in a special folder for each response. This could be an email informing the customer you received their order or their payment, etc. Your employee or a virtual assistant can send these form letters to the appropriate recipients as needed.

Don’t let your daily emails drag you down. Have a plan to prioritize your email just as you do many other things in your daily life. For more valuable time saving tips, contact our office at (866) 497-9761 to schedule an appointment with our advisors.