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Getting Things Done® Interview

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 29 Mar 2023

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 77


Do you need to get things done? The Getting Things Done® methodology has been implemented worldwide by more than 2 million people! In this special episode, our host, Jamie Nau, Summit CPA's Director of Virtual CFO, teams up with the host of Summit’s Modern CPA Success Show, Tom Wadelton, Virtual CFO at Summit, to interview one of the best-selling authors and productivity coaches of our time and creator of GTD®, David Allen. If you need help getting 2023 off to a productive start, this podcast is for you!



“GTD® doesn't deliver a solution; it delivers hope. How much people want to take advantage of that is up to them. GTD® and implementing these best practices—capture, clarify, organized, reflect, and engage—of how you get stuff under control in your life and work, they don't give you more time. They give you more room. What you do with that room is unique to you.” – David Allen


The finer details of this episode:

• Meeting management and setting boundaries for back-to-back meetings  

• The need for GTD® in a team environment—not just individually  

• The importance of setting and understanding what your priorities are  


Episode resources:

• Summit CPA website – summitcpa.net

• Email us with questions – vcfo@summitcpa.net

• Getting Things Done® – https://gettingthingsdone.com/



Getting Things Done® with David Allen


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Episode 77 - Getting Things Done® with David Allen

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