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Financing with QuickFee

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 17 Feb 2021

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 32

Today, we are sitting down with Bruce Coombes and Richard Formoe from QuickFee to explain how you can use their products to get paid faster. QuickFee provides quick and hassle-free payment options for your clients to help you increase sales, build better client relationships, and improve cash flow.






Episode Quote

“One of the partners there was sharing that their firm no longer has an overdraft thanks to using our payment plans”
- Bruce Coombes


The finer details of this episode 

  • What is QuickFee
  • What are the three payment solutions offered by QuickFee
  • Advantages of using QuickFee
  • How it helped firms collect payments faster
  • How QuickFee can help enhance your relationship with your client

You can view the transcript for this episode here.




Financing with QuickFee


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