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Financial Tools for Distributed Companies

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 30 Nov 2022

The Virtual CPA Success Show: Episode 68


In this episode, Jamie Nau, our host and Summit CPA's Director of Accounting, sits down with Adam Hale, Partner at Anders CPAs + Advisors, and Jake Grimm, Summit CPA's Director of Technology, to discuss financial tools for distributed companies. If you are a business owner of a fully distributed company, this episode is for you! Jamie, Adam, and Jake discuss must-have tools to implement in your remote business to help it run efficiently and grow it to the next level. 




"I think any good controller of any company is going to tell you that you need to have some eyes on cash flow. And we all know how hard that is to do manually and how much work it takes. So, if you're doing that manually, you should look at the cash flow tool because it'll save you a ton of time. And the accuracy is a lot better than trying to plug in numbers and 'fat finger' in an extra nine or something that makes you think you're going to be out of money in a month. So that's a really important tool." - Jamie Nau


The finer details of this episode:

  • How to choose the best technology for your remote business 
  • How to leverage technology in a remote world 
  • Being a  business owner or member of leadership of a remote business
  • Being a fully distributed, start-up company and implementing the right tools to run your business

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VCPA Podcast - 68 - Twitter


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