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Digital Marketing Errors to Avoid

Published by Adam Hale on 06 Aug 2019

Have you ever heard the expression, “live and learn”? As a business owner in the digital marketing age, you can avoid certain mistakes by taking lessons from those who have already learned from their mistakes. Below are 5 examples of digital marketing errors to keep in mind so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as you strategize your marketing plans.

  1. Digital directory listings. These days everyone looks to the internet to find the best of everything from an accountant, hotels, or restaurants, directories such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp, list local business by their forte and as top options to answer these questions you ask. You may be at a pretty clear disadvantage trying to increase your customer base if your business isn’t listed above your competitors.
  2. Customer reviews. Don’t ignore negative customer reviews. By not responding to a negative customer review in a public forum will give other potential customers the impression that you don’t care about customer satisfaction. Take the opportunity to turn the negative review into a positive review while showing other potential customers that you can be trusted to take care of their needs.
  3. Social media post content. Have a strategy. Every post should stimulate positive feelings or action from those reading your post. Don’t post just to have an online presents. Over posting or posting information that is irrelevant may diminish your brand.
  4. Website neglect. It’s important that you keep your website up-to-date for many reasons. The main reason is that it’s likely the first and perhaps last impression that your current and potential customers will have of your business. If your website is filled with old content, customers may get the impression that your business isn’t current in what’s new in your industry. Be sure to keep your website updated with current information and a design that is user friendly for your customers to find the information they need to find. This will show customers that you are prepared and offer great products and service.
  5. Inconsistent marketing approach. Your marketing strategy needs to be consistent year-round or you risk the failure of communicating the benefits of your product or service. Your strategy should build confidence in your brand. Consistency will directly connect your marketing content to the value of your business.

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