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COVID-19 Resources for Business Owners and CPA Firms

Published by Summit Marketing Team on 20 Mar 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly, with new updates every minute. As the situation evolves, many business owners and CPA firms are unsure of what steps to take to mitigate risk, protect employees and support customers. In uncertain times, while we don’t have all the answers, we want to share what we do know and offer some guidance for our CPA firms and business owners that may be experiencing shifts in their business.

*As we continue putting together informational content, we will add those additional resources to the list below.

Resources for Business Owners:

Resources for CPA Firms:

  • Going Remote as a CPA Firm During a Pandemic: Tips for quickly expanding your firm’s remote work capabilities and long-term benefits of going distributed.

  • Becoming a Virtual CFO Service Provider: How Summit CPA Group is changing the way people think about accounting.

  • How Summit CPA Became a Distributed Accounting Firm: The story of how Summit CPA Group overcame our fears and transitioned from a traditional brick-and-mortar office to a remote team.

  • Workflow Management for Remote Accounting Teams [Podcast]: In this podcast episode, Jody Grunden talks with Jetpack Workflow about the importance of developing processes within an accounting firm.

  • How we built our team using a distributed model [Podcast]: In this episode, Jamie Nau sits down with CEO Jody Grunden and COO, Adam Hale, for a chat about how Summit CPA developed into a distributed team, the technology they use, and why the model continues to work.

  • Becoming the Firm of the Future [Podcast]: In this episode, Jake Grimm, Director of Technology, and Summit CPA COO Adam Hale join Jamie Nau for a deep dive into the tech tools they use to serve Virtual CFO clients remotely.

  • How accounting firms can keep up with technology [Podcast]: Jake Grimm, Summit CPA Director of Technology, and COO Adam Hale join Jamie Nau after having attended the Live 360 IT conference in Orlando to talk about what they learned and what they're going to be bringing back to the firm.

  • Distributed Working Models [Podcast]: We created this special episode because the coronavirus has forced a lot of companies to move towards a virtual team. In this episode, we discuss best practices for running a distributed company and working remotely. 

Resources Around Remote Work:

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