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Complaints or Opportunities?

Published by Kristen Reinking on 05 Dec 2017

When you own a business no matter how hard you try to please your customers, you are bound to get a few complaints here and there. Customer complaints don’t have to have a negative impact. Think of your customer complaints as an opportunity to improve your business. Here are some suggestions that may help.

* Think of a complaint as customer feedback. Talk to the angry customer as soon as possible and try to smooth things out. If something isn’t working right, figure out how you can make it right.Customer_Service.jpg

* Depending on how well you handle and remedy the problem it’s possible to turn a disgruntle customer to a loyal customer.

* By listening to the issues you can use this feedback to head off any negative publicity. Bad customer reviews can mean a loss of business.

How can you transform a negative complaint into a positive outcome?

* Your initial response should never be defensive or to blame the customer. Be respectful of the customer’s feelings. Ask how you can help resolve the issue.

* Make sure that your customer knows that you are listening and taking the complaint seriously. This may help neutralize a ranting customer. Get all the facts. This will provide you with feedback that will help identify the problem and find out what went wrong.

* It’s a good idea to have procedures in place so that your employees know who has the responsibility as well as the authority to fix the problem. Will the employee need a manager to approve compensation for the customer, such as; a refund or an upgraded product for the inconvenience? What company procedures are in place so that an employee can fix the problem immediately?

* After a reasonable time has passed make an effort to follow up with a call or email the customer to ensure that the problem is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. This is just another step to transform a disgruntled customer into a loyal customer.

It’s important to remember that a satisfied customer is good for business. Word of mouth goes a long way in gaining new customers.

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