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Our Top 5 Virtual CFO Blogs for August 2020

Published by Adam Hale on 25 Sep 2020

On the Summit CPA Virtual CFO Blog, we publish blogs each week, to bring you helpful information that will assist you with your administrative duties. Here are our top five posts last month:

  1. Best Books to Make You a Better CFO. We all have our own knowledge and experience, but it’s important to also learn from other people’s ideas, which is why we are sitting down with Jody Grunden and Adam Hale, COO at Summit CPA to talk about the best books you can read to become a better... Listen to learn about our favorite books and how they have inspired us as professionals.top_5_pedestal_6489

  2. Cash Flow Tools with Justin Pulgrano of Finagraph. Before switching to Finagraph, we were using a spreadsheet to track cash flow. Finagraph is a tool that helps businesses manage cash flow and collect accounting data.Find out how to measure… 
  1. Using Jetpack Workflow for project management. In this episode, we are sitting down with a special guest, David Cristello, founder and CEO of JetPack Workflow and Adam Hale, the COO at Summit CPA to talk about JetPack Workflow, a project management tool designed for recurring client management.

  2. Onboarding a New Employee with Zach Montroy. The first weeks after hiring a new employee are extremely busy and important to their success in the future with the company, which is why we are sitting down with Zack Montroy, Jody Grunden, and Adam Hale, COO at Summit CPA to talk about the process of onboarding a new employee…

  3. Onboarding A New Client. Clients will come to you for a specific reason, and they are looking to get a specific result from working with you. That’s why the onboarding process is so important. It sets the tone for the relationship and clarifies the expectations of both parties…

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