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Fee Disclosure Requirements for 401(k) Plans

Published by Kim Moore on Mar 12, 2018 6:00:00 AM

As the Plan Sponsor of a 401(k) Plan, if you allow the plan participants to direct their investment choices, there are specific requirements related to fee disclosures.

You must provide information related to the investment options that are available, such as; the performance ofsingle_blue_folder_3153 - Copy-024354-edited  each of those investments and all the fees and expenses associated with each investment choice.

This information needs to be provided to each participant before they enter the plan and make their first investment selections. After the participant’s first investment selections, this information is to be provided to the participant annually. 

Most third-party providers will prepare the fee disclosure information for the plan sponsor. However, you should always verify that all the required information is included. As the plan fiduciary, you will need to ensure that all participants are not only scheduled to receive the disclosures, but that the participants actually do receive the disclosures in a timely manner. As a Plan Fiduciary, this is a required step to ensure your 401(k) Plan remains compliant.

For more detailed information related to plan expenses and required disclosures, you may visit the Department of Labor website under the Employee Benefits Security Administration section.

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